Drama-Based Instruction Website

The DBI Network is an online portal that supports teachers and administrators in the Drama for Schools program, and UT undergraduate and graduate students in related course work. The DBI website offers:

  • An interactive search engine of over 100 different drama-based instruction strategies;
  • A database of over 300 drama-infused lesson plans created by in-service and pre-service teachers;
  • A glossary of related terms;
  • A detailed bibliography; and,
  • Online interactive forums moderated by DFA faculty and instructors.

During the DFS training program, teachers learn a range of drama-based tools that can be adapted to a variety of content areas and contexts, instead of one strategy for a specific lesson plan. These strategies allow for differentiated instruction for diverse learners, including those who are English Language Learners or who have disabilities. Through this integrated approach to learning, teachers create dramatic frames so that students can solve math story problems as the characters in the story or explore events leading up to major historical moments such as the Boston Tea Party or the Civil War. Click on the links below to see sample lesson plans created by DFS teacher participants.

Elementary Math (PDF)

Elementary Social Studies (PDF)

High School English (PDF)

High School Science (PDF)

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