Program of Study

Each student's Program of Study is created with advisement from program director Charles O. Anderson and is organized through the following framework:

Studio Studies 
39 credits = 13 x 3-hour courses

Academic Studies 
12 credits = 4 x 3-hour courses

Elective Studies 
9 credits = 3 x 3-hour courses

Total Number of Units
60 credits = 20 x 3-hour courses

Studio Studies

  • T D 322E: Advanced Contemporary Dance Technique
  • T D 322J: Advanced Ballet Technique
  • T D 332P: Advanced Projects in Dance Performance and Repertory
  • T D 322N: Choreography: Design for Dance and Movement Theatre
  • T D 352T: Topics in Dance
  • T D 380P: Advanced Projects in Performance.
  • T D 186D, 286D, 386D, 486D: Dance Technique
  • T D 386: Topics in Dance
  • T D 387D: Topics in Performance Studies
  • T D 698: Thesis

Academic Studies

Selected from:

  • T D 386: Topics in Dance
  • T D 386C: Topics in the History, Theory and Criticism of Dance
  • T D 388: Research Methods and Resources
  • F A 381: The Arts
  • T D 387D: Topics in Performance Studies

Elective Studies

Selected from Theatre and Dance or other academic units.

At least six hours must be in a supporting subject or subjects outside the major field.

First Year
Introduction, Exploration and Experimentation: students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge base with courses that introduce them to the structures of dance in the Academy, studio life, the pedagogy of creative process, research and writing.

Second Year
Focus of Artistry, Teaching, Thesis Development: students begin to hone and clarify a thesis proposal, teach in the department, and develop numerous creative and pedagogic projects.

Third Year
Project Refinement, Thesis Completion, Job Application: students complete writing and performance of their thesis project, continue to sharpen teaching skills through departmental course offerings, create portfolios of their accumulated work.