Program Overview

How many students do you take a year? 
Typically, a total of six to twelve (6-12) with financial support are accepted in design and technology. We accept the best students, and try to assemble a class of colleagues with a healthy mix of disciplines and interests.

How many students are currently in the Design and Technology Program? 
There are approximately 15 design and 15 technology graduate students in the entire three-year program. 

What is the difference between the Design and Technology programs? 
We believe that Designers need to know how to build and execute ideas and that Technicians need to have design sensibility. Not only will students become better in communicating their needs, but there will be a much broader range of career choices available to them upon graduation. This philosophy has proven true by the excellent career paths our graduates have chosen. Students have a choice from a broad range of design, drawing and painting, and technology courses. Production assignments and theses vary depending on the student's focus. Designers will design more while Technicians will build more. Each program is made stronger by the excellence and presence of the other.

How many shows do you produce annually? 
We give students design opportunities in theatre, video, film, dance, opera, and new works:

  • 3-4 shows on the Payne Stage (Proscenium House)
  • 3-4 shows in the Brockett Theatre (Flexible space usually configured as a Thrust)
  • 3-4 Opera Productions (McCullough Theatre)
  • 1 Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities Tour (In Austin middle schools)
  • Dance concerts throughout the year

When will I have a chance to design or build costumes? How many shows will I have worked on during my graduate years at UT? 
Design majors begin designing shows in their first semester. These shows go into production the second semester. Most design students design 3-4 realized productions while at UT. Costume/Scenery Technology majors begin building costumes /scenery or heading up craft areas their first semester and continue to do so all three years.

Do you have an association with a professional theatre? 
While there is no formal theatre in residence at UT, we have excellent relationships and placement history with the Tony Award winning Alley Theatre in Houston which typically has 3-5 costume students on staff who have graduated from UT, the Santa Fe Opera, The Old Globe Theatre, Jim Henson Associates, Actor's Theatre of Louisville, the Spoletto Festival, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Susan, Jim and the staff routinely receive calls from colleagues in the profession at top theatres informing them of open positions. 

When is your decision date and when will you be making offers? 
We typically begin making offers in March. Campus visits and interviews are typically held in February.