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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Theatre and Dance courses are open to non-majors?
A limited number of Theatre and Dance courses are open to non-Theatre and Dance majors. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are designed specifically for non-majors.

Lower-division Theatre and Dance Courses Open to Non-majors:

*TD 301: Introduction to Theatre
Course description: TD 301 is a lecture course that does not include a studio component (you will not act or dance in this class). Students read a variety of dramatic literature, see, discuss, and write about performance, gain a basic understanding of Theatre conventions, the roles of theatre practitioners, and theatre history. Students will be required to attend at least three productions in the course of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to make reservations, purchase tickets, etc. TD 301 is open to all UT students EXCEPT for TD majors.

TD 302T: Topics in Dance
Course description: TD 302T dance classes are "practice," or "studio" oriented. All sections of TD 302T are appropriate for students with some previous dance experience, as well as those who may be new to dance. Previous topics have included: Ballet, Modern, Yoga, Jazz, Improv, and Afro-Contemporary. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the class. 

*TD 303: Fundamentals of Acting
Course description: TD 303 requires a high degree of participation. Students will become acquainted with and begin to learn the basic techniques used by actors. This course is open to all UT students EXCEPT for TD majors. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the class.

*TD 303C: Training the Speaking Voice
Course description: TD 303C requires a high level of participation. The goal is to expand and enrich the vocal instrument; working to gain an understanding of vocal health, physiology, and production. Open to all UT students EXCEPT for TD majors. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the class.

TD 306: Introduction to Improvisational Drama
Course Description: General Introduction to improvisational activities with application to the theatre. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the class.

TD 315: Playwriting I
Course Description: The study and practice of writing plays. 

TD 317C/317D: Theatre History thru 18th Century ot Theatre History since 18th Century

Upper-division Theatre and Dance Courses Open to Non-majors:

TD 325 and 355T: Playwriting II and III (TD 315 and instructor consent required) Course Description: Emphasis on the form and writing of the full-length play, or the equivalent.

TD 326D: Theatre Studies – Theatre for Young Audiences
Course Description: Theory and practice of all phases of play production for young audiences.

TD 354T: Topics in Design & Technology (instructor consent required)
Course Description: Topics in costume, scenic, and lighting design & technology.

TD 357T: Topics in History, Criticism and Performance Studies (instructor consent required)
Course Description: Contact the instructor of the topic in question for a course description.

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How do I register for Theatre and/or Dance courses open to non-majors?

You may register for Theatre and/or Dance courses that are open to non-majors by using the ROSE online registration system during your registration access period. If the class you are trying to register for is full you should add yourself to the waitlist for the course, if one is available. Please note that the demand for our non-majors' classes is extremely high.

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I tried to register for a class that reads open but it gives me an error message, what do I do?

Courses that read open have some seats reserved for majors and some for non-majors. If you get an error message, then the remaining seats available are only for current majors. You may add yourself to the waitlist, if any.

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The course I want is listed as closed, will there be a waitlist option?

The course may have a waitlist or the waitlist is full. Keep checking the course schedule for updates.

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Which Theatre and Dance courses will be offered next semester?

To learn about Theatre and Dance course offerings for any given semester, visit UT's online course schedule.

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May I take a dance class beyond the beginner level that is listed as restricted to majors?

If you believe that you have achieved a level of proficiency beyond our T D 302T Dance classes, you may attend a Dance Placement Audition for T D 312C - Contemporary Technique or T D 312F - Ballet Technique. Dance placement auditions are usually held the day before or on the first class day each fall and spring semester. The dance placement audition only determines the appropriate level of instruction for each individual student. It does not guarantee placement into restricted dance classes. If seats are available, non-majors may register for the course once the restriction has been lifted. Information detailing audition times, locations and other specifics can be found online.

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How can I obtain permission to get into other restricted Theatre and Dance courses?

Registration priority is given to Theatre and Dance majors for all restricted Theatre and Dance courses. Mark-Anthony Zuniga, the department academic advisor, can assist you with registration for restricted Theatre and Dance courses during the last week of registration or the beginning of fall/spring semesters.

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Can I be added to a Non-Major's Theatre & Dance course after the fourth class day?

From Registration through the first 4 class days, you must follow the waitlist. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the class. From the 5th through the 12th class days, please contact the instructor of the course to find out if late adds are permitted. If yes, please have them sign a green “Request to Add Course” form located in the Undergraduate Advisor’s Office or the Departmental Office. Please submit completed forms to the Undergraduate Advisor and your request should be processed within 1-2 business days.

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Can I minor in Theatre or Dance?

While some colleges at UT will allow you to declare a minor in Theatre and/or Dance, the Department itself will not recognize any official minor. It is therefore the student's responsibility to identify courses available to them as non-majors that fulfill the requirements of their own college. These students should meet with an academic advisor in the college in which they are currently enrolled to discuss how to complete a minor for that particular degree plan.

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Can non-majors audition for Theatre and Dance productions?

At this time, only current Theatre and Dance majors may audition for departmental productions. However, non-majors may audition for the student lab production season, for any New Works Festival shows and student organization productions. A bulletin board with information for the student lab season is located outside of WIN 1.122. Theatre and Dance student organization information is posted on a board outside of WIN 1.113. The New Works Festival takes place during the spring semesters of every odd year. Auditions for festival shows typically take place in the middle of the semester before the production is to be presented. For example, auditions for the Spring 2013 semester may take place in or around October 2012.

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