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UT Theatre and Dance Community Recognized in The Austin Chronicle's "Top 10 of 2013"

Congratulations to the Department of Theatre and Dance productions, students, faculty, alumni and friends named as top picks of 2013 in The Austin Chronicle’s annual list of standout performances.

From Robert Faires’ “Top 10 Reasons I Stayed in Love with Theatre in 2013”

1) Slip River (UT Theatre and Dance/The Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op)
Creative Team: Katie Bender (M.F.A. candidate), Abe Koogler (M.F.A. candidate), and Gabrielle Reisman (M.F.A. ‘13)

5) The Poison Squad (The Duplicates)
Company Members: Rowan Doyle (M.F.A. ’12), Trey Gilmore (B.A. ’12), Tom Horan (M.F.A. ’12), Courtney Sale (M.F.A. ’12), Cheng Wei Teng (M.F.A. ’12)

7) The Edge of Peace (UT Theatre and Dance)
Written by Professor Emeritus Suzan Zeder

8) This Wonderful Life (ZACH Theatre)
Starring Martin Burke (B.F.A. ’92)

9) Adam Sultan (Physical Plant)
Written by Steven Moore (M.F.A. 2005) and Zeb West

Honorable Mentions:

Qualities of Starlight (Vortex Repertory Company)
Written by Gabriel Jason Dean (M.F.A. ’12)

Directed by Rudy Ramirez (PhD student)

Woman sitting with a soldier
The Edge of Peace
Photo: Jeff Heimsath

From Elizabeth Cobbe’s “Top 10 Theatrical Sets of 2013, to a Cat”

5) Fixing King John (Rude Mechs; UT Resident Theatre Company)
Thomas Graves (M.F.A. ‘08), Madge Darlington (M.F.A. ‘04)

6) Intimate Apparel (UT Theatre and Dance)
Scenic Design by Jocelyn Pettway (M.F.A. ’13)

7) RED (Penfold Theatre Company)
Scenic Design by David Utley (M.F.A. ’06)

9) Mad Beat Hip & Gone (ZACH Theatre)
Scenic Design by Michael Raiford (M.F.A. ’90)

10) Dial “M” for Murder (UT Theatre and Dance)
Scenic Design by Ian Loveall (M.F.A. candidate)

Two men sitting in a 1950s parlor in London
Dial "M" for Murder
Scenic Design by Ian Loveall
Photo: Daniel Cavazos

From Jonelle Seitz’s “Top 9 All-In Dance Concerts (Plus 3 Short Works) of 2013”

1) I am a Fish/What is Common by Julie Nathanielsz (M.F.A. ’09) and Lily Kiara

4) The Big Small/The Undoing of Nonet (Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company)
Kathy Dunn Hamrick (B.A. ’81)

5) Gold Show/Rose Show by Julie Nathanielsz (M.F.A. ’09) and Heloise Gold

6) I Begin Where I Grieve by Ellen Bartel (M.F.A. ’12)

8) Fall For Dance (UT Theatre and Dance)
Dance Repertory Theatre’s annual concert including Associate Professor David Justin’s Quiver and Mark Morris’ Grand Duo

Four dancers with arms outstretched
Choreography by David Justin
Photo: Lawrence Peart

From Wayne Alan Brenner’s “Top 10 Creative Things I Lucked Into in 2013”

6) Fixing King John (Rude Mechs; UT Resident Theatre Company)
Written by Kirk Lynn (M.F.A. ’04, Theatre and Dance faculty)


Look for more top picks featuring members of the UT Theatre and Dance community at The Austin Chronicle.



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