Movement and Physical Conditioning Lab

The Department of Theatre and Dance at UT Austin is one of three among similarly sized institutions in the country that has a Movement and Physical Conditioning Laboratory. This fully equipped studio is primarily used to introduce and refine movement exercises related to the work of Joseph Pilates, Polestar, Yoga, Bartenieff Fundamentals, free weight strength training, and physical therapy techniques.

Work in the Movement and Physical Conditioning Laboratory combines several approaches, including:

  • Floor exercises executed with or without a mat, and may utilize additional apparatus like physio-balls, therabands, foam rollers, or flex-rings to enhance neutral alignment, develop flexibility, enhance breath support, and provide individualization of the exercises.
  • Equipment exercises utilizing the Current Concepts Reformer, the Trapeze Table, the Chair, the Half-Barrel/Ladder and related equipment based on original designs by Joseph Pilates. Original exercises are often modified and new exercises are developed as needed. Verbal cueing and coaching instruction will be taught to enhance the safe use of this equipment.
  • Related apparatus including the wobble board, rotator discs, and other physical therapy based apparatus, which facilitate neuromuscular coordination and enhance mobility and/or strength in specific areas.
  • Free weights are available for specific muscle group strengthening and for endurance work for the arms and chest.