Faculty & Staff Directory

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J.E. Johnson, Scenic Studio Supervisor
email  jjohnson@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0630
office location  PAC 2.216B

Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Associate Professor of Performance as Public Practice

Omi Osum Joni L. Jones, Professor, Performance as Public Practice
email  jonijones@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-1784
office location  GWB 3.134

David Justin, Associate Professor, Dance
email  davidjustin@austin.utexas.edu

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Lyn Koenning, Lecturer, Acting
email  lynk@utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-3721
office location  WIN B.104E

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Joan Lazarus, Professor, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  jlazarus@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-5793

Sondra Lomax, Lecturer, Dance
email  lomax@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-6468

Allison Lowery, Teaching Artist for Texas Performing Arts

Allison Lowery, Teaching Artist, Texas Performing Arts
email  alowery@texasperformingarts.org

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Kirk Lynn, Assistant Professor, Playwriting and Directing
email  kirklynn@utexas.edu
office location  WIN 1.160

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Susan Mickey, Professor, Design and Technology
email  msmickey@utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5232
office location  WIN 1.158

Kevin Newcomb, IT Coordinator; Manager Media Support Services
email  newcomb@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5305
office location  WIN 2.114

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Sven Ortel, Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  svenortel@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-9399
office location  WIN 2.304

Francie Ostrower, Professor of Performance as Public Practice

Francie Ostrower, Professor, Public Policy
email  fostrower@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5342
office location  SRH 3.326

Kathy Panoff, Director and Associate Dean, Texas Performing Arts
email  kpanoff@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0395

Barbara Pope, Senior Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  barbarapope@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-4436
office location  WIN B.104D

Robert Ramirez

Robert Ramirez, Associate Professor, Acting
email  robertramirez@austin.utexas.edu

Patricia Risser, Costume Shop Supervisor
email  prisser@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0642
office location  WIN 2.308

Rossen headshot to the side

Rebecca Rossen, Associate Professor, Performance as Public Practice
email  r-rossen@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-7153
office location  WIN 2.166